The production of crops is a long process in which a lot of efforts and time are required. In order to hasten up the process, it is vital to understand the materials used are suitable for the productions of crop and soils nourishing. More crops can be produced while the soil cycle can be utilized fully. To our surprise, some of the by-products of the production yielded can be nourishing for other applications too. Our laboratory service is here to exploit more of your crop products and by-products to increase your profit margin.

Sample Type: Fertilizer & Soil

Test Scopes

Nitrogen (as N), Phosphorus (as P2O5), Potash (as K2O), Sulphur (as SO3), Calcium (as CaO), Magnesium (as MgO)

Boron (as B2O3), Copper (as CuO), Zinc (as ZnO), Chlorine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum

Other relevant analysis
Moisture, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Nitrate Nitrogen, Urea Nitrogen & etc…

Heavy Metal
Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Tin, Antimony, Copper, Molybdenum & etc..

Other relevant analysis Moisture, pH, Organic Carbon, Exchangeable Cations (K, Ca, Mg), Cation Exchange Capacity & etc…

Sample Type: Water/Waste Water

Test Scopes

Calcium (as Ca), Magnesium (as Mg), Potassium (as K), Iron (as Fe), Sodium (as Na), Manganese (as Mn), Chloride (as Cl), Zinc (as Zn), Phosphorus (as P), Total Chlorine (as Cl2), Fluoride (F), Nitrogen (as N) & etc…

Heavy Metal
Arsenic (as As), Mercury (as Hg), Lead (as Pb), Cadmium (as Cd), Tin (as Sn), Antimony (as Sb), Copper (as Cu), Cyanide (as Cn) & etc…

Total heterotrophic plate count, coliform, Escherichia coli & etc…..

Other relevant analysis
pH, COD, BOD, Total Suspended Solid & etc…

Sample Type: Palm Oil Effluent & Rubber Effluent

Test Scopes
COD, BOD, Total Suspended Solid, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Total Nitrogen, Oil & Grease & etc…

Please write in to us to enquire tests that are not listed above.